What’s Jahmu?

We aren’t your conventional tonics. We’re a line of plant-based tonics inspired by the principle of ‘jamu’: the Indonesian concept of keeping body, mind, and spirit in harmony through the wisdom of nature.

Our concentrated tonics are made with a nourishing blend of roots, herbs, and spices that are activated with heat to extract the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and constituents (That’s right, you heard us: We ain’t no cold-pressed juice.)

Each tonic serves to rejuvenate and restore all systems of the body by promoting overall good health and balance through their healing compound ingredients. They provide essential nutrients, support natural energy, prevent diseases, and aid in the repair of vital processes, while promote resilience by strengthening bodily functions. Plant-based tonics are the medicine of the people.

What we’re all about

Your Health

We’re simple. We believe in going back to the roots of what our ancestors have known for generations to have promoted longevity and optimal wellness for the mind and body:

“food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food”

Our mission is to offer sustainable access to life-enhancing herbal products from the most nourishing plants on our planet.

Sustainable Sourcing

We source directly from small-scale family farms in Bali to support their production, their land, and the ancient tradition of jamu. We honour the efforts of our partners in the farming community and the planet for working in harmony to support our ecosystem. Together, we create a lasting relationship of growth between ethical sourcing and production.

The Planet

To minimize the impact we have on the Earth, we practice sustainable packaging as much as possible. Each bottle is packaged in re-usable glass to minimize waste and encourage recycling. With every bottle returned, we will credit you $5 HKD for every returned bottle towards your next online order. Simply contact us for bottle delivery pick-up and we’ll send you a discount code for your next order.